6 Months Coaching Program

Ready to make 2015 your best yet?

Ready to take the leap into doing what you love – for real?

If you know it’s time to quit living a life that doesn’t light you up and start living life on your terms.

As part of this 6 month coaching experience you will receive: 

– Pre-coaching questionnaire.
– 1 x 30 minute getting to know you call – where we lay the foundation, get super clear on your outcome and goals for coaching.
– 12 x 60 minute Skype call sessions- to help you focus, release limiting patterns, set goals and keep accountable. That’s 2 sessions per month.
– 1 x 30 minute follow up call at the end of the 6 months to see how you are implementing key changes and set actions in your life. This session will also be used to create a blueprint for the way forward.
– Email support between sessions and for 2 weeks after our last session.
– Surprises, printable PDF’s and worksheets along the way to support and nourish you.

This is for you if you are:

– A coach or in a service based business and ready to get back to basics and take your business to the next level
– In the corporate world and are ready to make the leap into doing what you love and following your passion full time
– Ready to use your unique talents to impact the world
– Ready to ditch the excuses
– Ready to live life on your terms
– Ready to let go of a mediocre life and catapult your life and business
– Looking for a coach to support and keep you accountable each step of your journey

If you have big dreams and will stop at nothing until they are achieved, want to get back on track and want to create a life that feels good – then lets chat.





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