Lessons on letting go, giving in and knowing when stop pushing

letting go

A few weeks ago I got sick. Like coughing up my lungs, no energy, body aches, fever, chills, stay in bed for a few days kind of sick.

I hadn’t had so much as a flu in over 2 years, so to be hit by a nasty chest infection was a whopper.

At first I fought it off. I could feel it coming on and it was like I almost denied the very existence or possibility of not being well. 

I’m fine.

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The one thing that wins out above everything else.

Katy Perry

In life and in business it can sometimes feel like you are fighting to stand out from the crowd. We can compare ourself and our success to others and sometimes feel less than. We can discount our hard work, our amazingness when we look outwards.

When we compare ourselves we loose ourselves. We can look at others and see there success and in some cases want to be the next version of them, the next version of the upcoming person in that field.

The other night when I wasn’t feeling the best I was flicking through the TV and I saw that the Katy Perry documentary was on. By the way, I think she’s totally amazing. Now put aside whether you like of her music or not and stick with me, for a second, I have a point.

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Have passport, will travel – 11 tips for your first solo adventure


You have your feet on the ground and your eyes to the sky. Wanderlust is calling. You’re ready for adventure, you want to hit the road. You have saved, planned and are all ready to go.

There’s just one thing.

For whatever reason your partner/friends/family – can’t come or they aren’t feeling the travel vibes as much as you are.

I have a question of you: Why let the fact that you don’t have a travel partner stop you from globetrotting? There are adventures to be had, places to visit, sights to marvel at and a wonderful world out there to explore and immerse yourself in.

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Planning a workshop overseas? Read this.

Alyce Pilgrim Life On Your Terms

Workshops. Retreats. Play-shops. Seminars. Whatever you call your event and wherever you plan to host it, they can be fun, challenging and exciting all rolled into one. Add in to the mix an overseas location and you could have a recipe for an interesting concoction. An event overseas can be an amazing opportunity while exposing you and your brand to a different market if you are up for it!

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Why, hello there June!

Alyce Pilgrim Life On Your Terms

June, where the hell did you come from? You snuck up on me out of nowhere you cheeky monkey – please tell me I’m not alone with that feeling.

At the risk of sounding some what cliche the year is just flying by. I feel like it was January and then, I blinked.

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