What is coaching? 

Coaching facilitates change at the deepest level and obliterates issues at the core that might be holding you back from living a truly fulfilling life.

Coaching helps you move beyond your limitations and self-imposed boundaries so that you can create more of the results you want.

During our coaching journey together I will use a variety of tools gleaned from 10 years in the personal development industry that will allow you to gain an insight in to your unconscious behaviours and facilitate deep change so that you can let go of such limitations and step more into of who you really are.


What is NLP?

NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming. It came about in the 70’s and has been a massive set of tools for creating lasting change ever since.

It’s just one of the modalities that I use in my coaching to help you step up to a bigger playing field. NLP allows you to have a level of awareness of your unconscious patterns, behaviours and beliefs that make up the results you are experiencing in your life. You can release what you don’t need, re-wire and replace the old patterns that aren’t serving you and create new empowering patterns and behaviours.

NLP is often referred to as the science and study of success and human excellence. It’s modelling and implementing outstanding behaviour that will give you the life experience and success you desire. NLP gives you tools and strategies to dramatically accelerate your results in any area of your life.


What sort of things can NLP help me with?

Just about anything really. NLP can help you get crystal clear on what you want out of life, while giving you the tools to make it happen and eliminate any baggage in your mind that might be preventing you from achieving your goal.

Specifically it can help with:

·         Breaking disempowering habits

·         Phobias

·         Allergies

·         Addictions (smoking, chocolate etc)

·         Improving productivity

·         Improving confidence

·         Improving relationships

·         Improving indecisiveness

·         Improving positive and peak states

·         Releasing emotions that don’t serve you

·         Changing your instinctive response to people, food, situations and memories

·         Moving forward on projects and letting go of procrastinating

·         Creating positive associations towards money and finances


 What makes you different to other coaches out there?

I attended my first personal development seminar when I was 15 and I have been coaching people since I was 18. I’ve worked and trained with some of the leaders in the field of personal development, coaching and NLP. Notably I worked with one of  Australia’s leading personal development companies as part of their leadership and coaching team, traveling the world and assisting with the facilitation of life changing events.I am certified in NLP training, life coaching and Ericksonian hypnosis  and I’ve used the tools I teach every day in my own life. I am super- passionate about life and believe we never stop learning.I am a dynamic, energetic and passionate coach who is committed to your success. I balance this passion with a whole lot of nourishment in my sessions- I have a big heart and put my soul into my work. I tailor my coaching to you- there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach here.

Using my many years of experience I am able to offer valuable insights, a gentle nudge and ask the right questions that will hold you to a higher standard for your life so you get the results you want to achieve.

How can I work with you?
You can get in touch with me here to find out my coaching availability or for any other queries you might have.

Do we have to be in the same location?
Coaching sessions take place either over Skype or on the phone. So we don’t necessarily have to be in the same location. However I do offer face to face coaching should we be in the same location.

Do you host workshops? How can I find out more?

I host Life On Your Terms 1-day workshops. The workshop is full day of learning, growth and connection. You can find out more by clicking here or emailing info@livelifeonyourterms.com.au

I’d love to hire you as a keynote speaker for an event is that something we can chat about?

I would love to know more about your event. I regularly speak on topics like cultivating courage, tapping into the voice inside you that craves more, goal achievement, creativity and living life on your terms. You can find out more by visiting my speaking page or emailing info@livelifeonyourterms.com.au

Can we talk about : an interview /  a guest post / collaboration on a creative project / sponsorship opportunities ?

Sure thing. Contact me here with your request and let’s chat more about how we can create magic together.