Lessons on letting go, giving in and knowing when stop pushing

letting go

A few weeks ago I got sick. Like coughing up my lungs, no energy, body aches, fever, chills, stay in bed for a few days kind of sick.

I hadn’t had so much as a flu in over 2 years, so to be hit by a nasty chest infection was a whopper.

At first I fought it off. I could feel it coming on and it was like I almost denied the very existence or possibility of not being well. 

I’m fine.

I obviously I wasn’t.

The cough – although nasty and it hurt was something I could pretend wasn’t there.

Then the complete body aching lethargy overtook my body.

It’s all good. I’m not sick 

And then wham! I felt like I had been hit by a truck and I couldn’t ignore it anymore.

I had to give into it. I was so exhausted, off to bed I went.

And there I stayed for a good few days.

Surfacing only fleetingly for fluids or a heat pack to keep warm and ease the aches.

It was the first time in a long time that I have had anything like that.

While fending of this lurgy (that’s Australian slang for bug in case you’re wondering) I learned a few valuable things, that correlated to other areas of life:

+ Give in 

Sometimes you have to allow yourself to go there. In the case of being sick and in order to recover, rebuild, mend and refresh my health I had to give into no feeling well. You know the saying sometimes you have to break down before you can rebuild. I learnt its okay to give in and to let go. It’s okay to slow down, take it easy and focus on being better. It’s like anything though, and not just in the case of being sick – giving in and allowing what is. Let go of the resistance.

+ Don’t push it

This flows on from giving in. What I learnt is you don’t have to keep going sometimes. I learnt to slow down. I’ve found that in some areas of life we feel like we have to keep on pushing to get results. The thing is the minute we quit pushing things happen a lot faster.

For me was pushing against being sick.

No, I can’t possibly feel unwell.

And in fact that was making myself worse. It’s like sometimes we push when really we ought to allow.

+ Permission and allowing

When I allowed myself to admit that things weren’t looking the best, and then I gave into being unwell –  it was a massive weight off my shoulders. When I allowed myself to let go of the need to be in control I then rested and recovered more quickly than I would have if I had kept on pushing. When I gave myself permission to go there and allowed myself to pause, things began to turn around.

If we allow – we create space for more. 


I hope you realise that these lessons had so much more to do with just having the flu or a chest infection.

We live in a go-go-go world. Instant gratification and being available 24/7 reign supreme.

Sometimes allowing ourselves the moment to pause, reflect and stop pushing is the calm we seek.

Sometimes it is okay to give yourself permission to rest. From rest comes growth. And strength.

Sometimes its okay to let go of control.

Sometimes its okay to give into life, to quit pushing and go with the flow.

For me – a bit of a self confessed work-a-holic at times who feels like I need to be busy most moments of the day – this was something I needed to learn in a big way.

How often do we let emails over take our life?

How often do we worry about our next move in business?

How often do we let the noise of others drown out our true desires?

Stop for a moment.

Peel back.

Give in. Give yourself permission. Allow yourself to let go.




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  1. What a beautiful post Alyce and so perfectly timed. I’ve been unwell myself this week and that nagging voice in the back of my mind has definitely been pushing me to keep going. Get that blog post done, reply to those emails, get the dishes done, push, push, push. I realised this morning I just need to surrender, rest and recover. Reading your post this afternoon has been like a quiet little nod of approval from the Universe that rest and surrender are indeed the right choice. Thanks lovely. x

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