Life On My Terms Challenge

I believe life is meant to be lived.

So many people just exist. We go through the motions. We do things that don’t really light us up. We stay in careers that suck the life out of us. We stay in relationships well past their use by date. We get into habits that don’t support us. And then we wonder why we aren’t truly fulfilled or loving life.

I noticed that I was getting into a rut. Somewhere along the line I got caught up in the humdrum nature of the day to day. Each day would blur into the other.

I was just existing.

I had dreams. But somewhere what I wanted got lost and disappeared.

It was time to create a life worth loving. I did not feel content just sitting on the sidelines. While from the outside looking in it may have looked like I was happy and getting amongst things on the inside I feel like I am capable of more. Tired of playing it small, safe and in essence play by the rules.

It was time to really say yes to life. Grab it with both hands and shake things up and really make what I want to happen a reality.

Because you know what? The magic really occurs when you push yourself. When you stretch yourself- beyond your comfort zone.

So here I go.

The following is a commitment. A pledge to live life on my terms.

The following is an evolving list of things that might seem impossible to some. They are guide posts of what living life on my terms looks like to me.  Not just a check list. But a blueprint for a life well lived. They embody the essence of who I am and what I truly desire out of life.

It may change and grow from time to time. Put it this way, I will definitely add to it as time goes by.

The list that follows will guide my adventures. The journey that unfolds I will blog about and keep you up to date on my progress.

Life is too short to be living anyone else’s life but your own. We deserve to have the happiness we are seeking. And to live a life we love.

Will you grab this life with both hands or just let it pass you by?






Gondola ride in Venice

Visit the Coliseum in Rome

Drive along the Amalfi Coast

Visit Positano

Take my Mum to visit New York

Go to Hawaii

Go to Dubai

Visit Hong Kong

Visit Malaysia

Visit Moscow

Visit all the continents:

North America

South America






See Machu Pichu

Visit the Great Wall of China

Toboggan down the side of the Great Wall of China

Visit the Greek Islands

Spend the night in an ice hotel in Lapland

See the Northern Lights

Visit the Pyramids

Visit Taj Mahal

Visit Tokyo

See the tulips at The Keukenhof in The Netherlands

Visit Niagara Falls

See the Grand Canyon

New Years Eve in Prague

New Years Eve in New York

Go to Disneyland for my birthday

Go to Disneyworld

Visit Las Vegas again

See the Eiffel Tower in Spring

Go to the Moulin Rouge

Dance lessons in amazing places in the world

Cooking lessons in amazing destinations around the world


Adventures & Adrenaline


 Fly a plane

Fly in a hot air balloon


Go parasailing

Go paragliding



Learn to ski

Learn to snowboard

Circus class

Silk classes

Learn to surf in Hawaii

Learn to stand up paddle boarding

Climb Mt Everest

Climb Mt Kilimanjaro



Build a Habitat for Humanity home

Volunteer for Big Brother Big Sister program

Volunteer in a soup kitchen for Christmas



Own a villa in Italy

Own an apartment in New York, LA, London, Amsterdam and Sydney

Learn to fly a plane

Culture, arts and creative genius


Learn to speak fluent Dutch

Learn Italian

Be an extra in a movie

Attend a painting course in Tuscany

Fitness and health


Tough Mudder

City to Surf

New York City Marathon

Colour Run

Compete in a triathlon

Attend a Zumba class

Attend a hot yoga class


Lifelong learning


Attend World Domination Summit

Attend Blogcademy

Caroline Myss course

Attend BlogHer

Attend Alexandra Franzen Course

Tony Robbins UPW

Tony Robbins DWD

Events, festivals and fun



Mardi Gras in New Orleans

Carnival in Brazil

Go to the Super Bowl

La Tomatina

Carnival in Venice

Glastonbury Festival

See a NBA finals game

Loy Krathong, the sky lantern festival in Thailand

St Patricks Day in Ireland

Go to Oktober Fest

Go to Japan for the Cherry Blossom Festival

Go to Fashion Week in Milan

Go to Fashion Week in New York

Go to Fashion Week in Paris

Independent woman


Be location independent

Not be tied to a 9-5.

Make a full-time living online

Make a full-time living coaching, events, retreats, workshops

Become an international speaker

Create a charity component where percentage of the business proceeds goes to a charity close to my heart

Write an e-book

Be featured on:

The Daily Love

Tiny Buddha


Betty Means Business

Huffington Post

In Spaces Between

This is Lifeblood

Lorna Jane -Move Nourish Believe

Conde Nast Traveller

The New York Times

Publish a real book

Start a successful blog:






So there you have it, the Life On My Terms Challenge list.

If you or your business or brand are interested in helping me make one or any of the things listed above a reality please get in touch