Resistance, beyond neon lights and things falling into place


3 weeks ago we packed up a few suitcases, sold the majority of our belongings and jumped on a plane to the US.

It was a plan that we had in place for quite awhile – but due to life having other plans and the recent loss of my Dad – we decided to postpose our plans.

I felt excitement and to be brutally honest somewhat scared jumping on that plane.

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Life, love, loss and heartfelt update from me…


I thought healing might be peaceful. But I have found healing is messy and rough. There is no right or wrong way to grieve. There is no right or wrong way to heal. At first had no appetite and zero energy. Then found myself eating close to my body weight in cheese and pastry while in Europe. I cried. A lot. I would often be in a daze and drift off. I couldn’t sleep. At all. Then, I slept. A lot. I got mad. A lot. I did my best to articulate my feelings.

So, things have been pretty quiet around here. Tumble weeds kind of quiet.

This post is certainly one of the hardest things I’ve had to write.

While we are very much into the swing of 2016, and 2015 might seem like eons ago for most – to me because of the emotion attached to the last year it feels just like yesterday. 2015 was a year that rocked me to my core.

I want to preface what I write with – I don’t quite fully know how to articulate everything I am about to share but I will do my best.

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10 books that will change your life, rock your world and reignite your purpose (that you should read this holiday season).

Best books to read this holiday season


Cracking open a fresh book, feeling the paper between your fingers and getting lost in a world that is not your own – there’s nothing quite like it. Curling up, slowing down and immersing your self in the words on a page. Possibilities, dreams, wonder and passion collide.

I often get asked what are my favourite life changing- world rocking- passion and purpose igniting- books by clients. So I thought I would compile a list of my favourite books that will do just that: rock your world, change your life and have you seeing differently. And with the holidays rapidly approaching – there’s no better time to dive into these pages.

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