Part 2 of How to Use the Law of Attraction to Live Life On Your Terms


Law of AttractionSo yesterday I shared part one of some handy dandy tips and hints to using the Law Of Attraction to live life on your terms. And today I’m sharing part 2 – which includes the difference that really makes the difference, that most people miss.

You can check out part 1 here.

Lets jump right on in – picking it up – at secret number 4…

4. Be mindful of blocks and sabotages

When manifesting more and living life on your terms, there is something known as an upper limit problem (ULP) that might rear its ugly head. This bad boy can severely derail your manifesting game. An upper limit problem is that subconscious self-sabotage that happens when we get a taste of something great, when we begin moving to new levels of abundance. Whether its a promotion, a financial windfall, completing your first marathon, an amazing relationship or any other measure of success, upper limit problems can sneak up on us. A ULP stems from the self-defeating unconscious belief that we’re not deserving of success and it can quickly make happy moments backfire on us.

Psychologist Gay Hendricks describes an ‘internal thermostat’ of what we allow ourselves to enjoy. If we experience an increased level of joy, success or abundance, we approach our upper limit, and subconsciously invite in negative thoughts to bring us back down into the level of happiness with which we are most comfortable. These unconscious blocks can sabotage the amount of success we let into our lives. And when manifesting with the Law Of Attraction, a ULP can surface and sabotage what we are attracting and manifesting.

Often we mask this in our heads as simply “being realistic,” modest, or being careful not to outshine others, but in fact it can hold us back from achieving big wins and it can also have lasting consequences that sabotage our potential for success and manifesting what we truly desire down the line. In reality, if you’re feeling unsure or undeserving of happiness, it’s actually a sign that you’re positively challenging yourself and experiencing more abundance than before as a result.

So how can we work through our unconscious blocks? Firstly, it’s important to identify sabotage patterns and mindset blocks, once they’ve been acknowledged then you can work on eliminating them. One way to move clear certain mindset blocks is by using techniques such as tapping, guided meditation, journalling and doing specific internal work on your beliefs and thoughts. Working with a coach who has a variety of tools and specialises in mindset can also assist you to identify ULPs and clear them.


5. Make space for the life you want

Have you ever noticed that when you clear stuff out something else rushes to fill its space? It’s inevitable really and a golden piece of the manifesting puzzle.

In her book ‘Dynamic Laws of Prosperity’ Catherine Ponder says: “Nature does abhor a vacuum, and when you begin moving out of your life what you do not want, you automatically are making way for what you do want. By letting go of the lesser, you automatically make room for your greater good to come in.”

In order to manifest what you want and truly desire you must create space in your life. Declutter. Tidy. Get rid of things you don’t want, need or use any more. You must create space in order for anything new to flow into your life. It’s crucial to create space not just physically, but mentally, spiritually and emotionally for what you want.

Maybe you want to bring in a new relationship or new friends; stop hanging out with people who bring you down. Perhaps you’d like to see your wardrobe filled with beautiful new clothes and shoes; get rid of what you no longer wear. Clear that space. Make way and allow what you want to manifest come in easily and effortlessly.


6. Practice gratitude

You might have heard people say that “gratitude is an attitude.” I’d like to go a step further and say that gratitude is a practice. It is tangible. You can literally see it and feel it. It’s not an attitude. It is a practice that occurs moment to moment. What you appreciate, appreciates. What you are grateful for multiples.

An easy way to create a practice of gratitude day by day, is to begin your morning by writing out a list of what you are grateful for. It might be your relationship, your family, your friends, your business, your apartment, your car, or the fact that you have air in your lungs, that you can see and you can hear. If your struggling to come up with something to be grateful start with the basics and remember what a joy it is just to live.

Another way to incorporate consciously practicing gratitude is to set an alarm for a specific time every day and label the alarm “What am I grateful for today?” Set the alarm for the same time every day and then when it goes off, no matter where you are, say, list out or think about what you are most grateful for in that moment.

Energy flows where attention goes. And practicing gratitude instantly shifts your awareness from one of lack to one of infinite abundance. It’s kind of hard to be thinking about how bad your day was yesterday, or that someone wasn’t nice to you, or that you hate your job if you are focusing on what you are truly grateful for.

Creating a gratitude practice may take some time. Especially, if at first you are grasping at straws and almost having to convince yourself that you are grateful for something. But practice it. Remember, gratitude is not an attitude, it is a practice and something to do actively, moment to moment.


7. The difference that made the difference

One of the distinctions that have made a significant difference to my manifesting game is, taking inspired action. This has been something that hit me quite early in my manifesting journey. I remember when ‘The Secret’ became popular and everyone got on the manifesting train. There were vision boards, affirmations, invocations and people then grew concerned when certain things they wanted to manifest weren’t coming in. Here’s the deal: it’s one thing to call in, to allow and to be thinking the right thoughts – somewhere along the line I have found the Universe helps those who help themselves. Yes you ask, you allow, you focus. Yes, alignment between your energy, your thoughts and what you desire is incredibly important. And if you are just sitting there waiting for an opportunity or something to plop on your lap – you must take inspired action towards what you want.

When using the Law of Attraction to manifest and create a life on your terms, the thing to remember is to: participate in your own rescue. Be courageous enough to take inspired action towards what you want. Life isn’t just going to happen to you, there comes a time where you need to get up off your behind to make your life happen.

As a mindset and life coach for nearly 10 years, when my clients come to me there are two main questions I ask them:

  1. What are you focusing on? and;
  2. Are you taking action towards what you want? 


Focusing on how much life sucks, or how much you wish you had, or what you don’t have is not going to bring more of what you deep down truly desire and want. What you focus on has a habit of growing.

You might be thinking “But hang on Alyce, things are pretty lousy for me right now. It’s kind of hard to focus on anything else and be positive”. Awareness is key. You’ve identified that things are not where you want them to be. That in and of itself is pretty awesome, to have the ability to recognise that you want something better is a quality that not everyone possesses. Before you can move forward it’s a good idea to take stock and address where things are. Because, once you have done that, then you shift your focus and create what you actually truly want.

An easy way to begin to shift your focus is practice gratitude (the exercises listed in the previous steps will help). Another way is to ask yourself: “How do I want to feel?” Write out whatever comes to mind but write it in present tense. I feel expansive. I feel amazing and oh so energised. I feel incredibly healthy. I feel infinitely wealthy. Keep going listing out as many as you like. Go into as much detail as you can. And what you will begin to notice is there will be an internal shift. As you write you will begin to feel what you transcribe. This is a fantastic tool to begin to shift your focus.

I firmly believe it’s not just about ‘positive thinking’. Sometimes it pays to get a bit real and honest. If you look at a garden patch and tell yourself that there are no weeds, when there are clearly weeds it wont make the weeds disappear. Your mind is like a garden patch. Sometimes it’s a matter of acknowledging it, seeing it for what it is – not worse than it is. And then roll up your sleeves and tend to your garden. That is, do the internal work, focus on what you want and take inspired action.

By taking just one small action each day towards what you want, no matter how small that action is, it will create massive momentum. Sometimes we think that taking action has to be something big and grandiose but it doesn’t. Because it’s those small actions added up over time that create a snowball effect. So just take one small step towards what you want. And then take another small step. And another. And so on.


Happy manifesting! And remember, life is too short to be living a life you don’t love, so live life on your terms.


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