“Working with Alyce gave me the creative and supportive space I needed to continue to find my answers within. With gentle advice and some fantastic techniques, by the end of our time together I was more ‘in the flow’ than I have ever been, slowing down ‘rush’ energy, taking more definitive action towards my business growth and a giant, beautiful leap in my personal and spiritual life too. Alyce is the kind of coach that leads with a loving hand, sage words and ultimately to exactly where ever it is you want to go. Thank you so much Alyce!”

Anna Schroeder, Wellington, New Zealand

“I was blown away with how much I gained from my sessions with Alyce. Her warm, bright and open-hearted nature put me instantly at ease and made me feel like I was chatting to an old friend! She quickly understood both my biggest challenges and wildest dreams, and had a treasure trove of wisdom and tools to guide me. I came away with such a sense of clarity and confidence, and my motivation levels are at an all-time high. She’s a gem!”

Elyse Gorman, Sydney, Australia

“When I started coaching with Alyce I was in what you would call a bit of a funk and in need of some support. Alyce fit the bill perfectly and guided me back to a space of success, courage and joy. Over a short amount of time we worked through the blocks that were standing in my way and shifted into a new space that I was so ready to be in. Alyce was so easy to work with, championed and challenged me depending on what I needed, held me accountable to my actions and set me up to succeed in doing this for myself outside of our sessions and moving ahead. Through our sessions I discovered my love of dance and a snow ball effect that has occurred because of it is incredible. I have clear goals that I am working towards and my overall health, happiness and wellbeing has improved. I feel like myself again and I couldn’t be more grateful. Alyce is an extremely competent coach who excels at what she does. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Alyce as a Coach and look forward to working with her again in the future. Thank you Alyce.”

Anna Saywell, Melbourne, Australia

“I was hesitant about coaching, ( I’m not confident in trying ‘new’ things), but as soon as I started talking with Alyce all my doubts disappeared. Since working with Alyce, I now feel a lot more confident making decisions and don’t feel guilty when I put my own needs first. The confidence has shown in my business, I’ve just had two record months!
I‘m looking forward to working with Alyce again in the near future and recommend her to all my friends and clients.”

Diana Milnes, NSW, Australia

“There is something magical about Alyce’s coaching. I started working with her when I was making big changes in my life. I had let things drop that no longer served me and was ready to rebuild a life aligned with my inner core. Alyce listens deeply, has a rich treasure trove of transformative tools at her finger tips, and is wise beyond her years. I know at my core that she deeply cares about my success and is committed to reminding me to create a balanced life that works with joy and ease – and the results are evident in my life. I am listening to my body, voicing my needs, and am living within a self-created empowering and loving context. And, I just compared my income for the 5 months prior to starting coaching and the 5 months since starting coaching and its up by 99%. Alyce is like a breath of fresh air, she leaves joy and wisdom in her wake. Anyone who works with her is privileged to have crossed paths with this remarkable young woman.”

Jana Hexter, New York, USA and

“In just a few short minutes, Alyce helped me find insight on a topic I have been struggling with for years! I left our sessions with a strategy and a lot of motivation. Alyce is warm, welcoming and very easy to talk to as I immediately felt comfortable and safe. I felt like she understood me so easily! If you’re looking for a coach with experience who just gets it – work with Alyce. Your life will not be the same.”

Marthe Hagen, Oslo, Norway

“Working with Alyce has been a real blessing. I needed help and she was THAT person. She knows how to listen to you, how to guide you and can communicate with you the way YOU will understand. She does not judge, you feel very at ease and in a trustworthy relationship. In only 3 sessions, I was able to put myself back onto the right track to live my life the way I wanted it. I have really enjoyed our work together and her guidance. I would definitively recommend her services to anyone who needs to live life in their own terms. I will never forget her input and her positive energy. Thank you Alyce, you are an angel.”

Claire Yoh, France

“I would recommend Life On Your Terms coaching to anyone needing a kick up the bum (in the nicest possible way) to getting stuff done. Despite my super hectic life Alyce was there for me 100%. She was so supportive, focused and strategic in really getting to know who I am and what my challenges were. Having Alyce there to keep me accountable and be my cheerleader was a blessing and she really got to know my individual challenges and help wade through those so that I was more productive and HAPPY in my job. Thanks Alyce!”

Ellissa Nagle, Queensland, Australia

“After my session with Alyce, I felt more confident and courageous — more able to live with the high degree of uncertainty in my life right now. I know that this support from Alyce will help me to be a better coach, better entrepreneur, and even a better friend.  I loved that I felt like I could get right into the deep and vulnerable stuff with Alyce because her wholeheartedness plus years of experience equals instant trust.”

Genevieve Parker Hill, Palestine

“I very much enjoyed working with Alyce mainly because of her upbeat, positive, can do anything attitude. She also seems to have a strategy to deal with any challenge her clients present her with. Importantly, she also held me to account!”
Phil McEvoy, Subiaco, Western Australia

“Alyce gave me some great tools for organizing my scattered life. I was feeling overwhelmed in many ways. The pre-coaching work alone helped me see where that feeling was coming from. After a couple of coaching talks, I had a plan of how to structure my week (and my life!) in a way that prioritizes the things that are most important to me – the things that feed my soul. I have a way to go with implementing it, but will be checking back in with Alyce’s advice to guide me along the way. Thank you Alyce!”

Helen Drane, Bristol, UK

“I absolutely recommend coaching with Life On Your Terms, whether you are in a business space working through professional obstacles or in a more personal situation- there is something here for everyone. I found Alyce to be highly knowledgeable, empathic and outcome oriented. I left with a clear action plan of what to do moving forward, and this helped a whole lot in keeping the focus where it needs to be. Thank you!”

Britt Brennan, Perth, Western Australia

“Alyce is one of a kind. She is 100% committed to getting the best results for her clients. Her wisdom and insights far exceed her years. She has a no holds barred approach to coaching and at the same time has a genuinely caring nature. She’s the perfect blend of whip you in to shape and kick you into the next level coupled with a calm, genuine and warm personality.”

Therese Mullins, Queensland, Australia

“Thank you for your great coaching Alyce. I am still experiencing the positive ripple effect of setting such a positive base state that we anchored as part of our time together. Feeling empowered, is now the foundation from which the rest of my life is unfolding. I am truly empowered as now I am very conscious of the choices I am making in the areas of my life, where as before, I was running old unconscious patterns and felt I had no choice. 

Alyce implements the necessary human technology skills & techniques to create lasting change with much elegance. I highly recommend coaching with Alyce, it’s an investment in yourself that you will thank yourself and her for.”

Melanie Kearney, Perth, Western Australia

“Alyce creates a safe and pleasant atmosphere”
Gerjanne van Hees, Utrecht, The Netherlands

“Thank you Alyce for your wonderful workshop. You made me realise that I am on my path of freedom and living my number one value”
Saskia van Ommen, Deventer, The Netherlands

“Soft and playful workshop which more than exceeded my expectations and gave me great new insights. Loved listening to Alyce and that she supported us every step of the way. Such an awesome and genuine trainer.”
Jennifer van Balkou, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

“You can see that Alyce is passionate in helping people live life on their terms. Such a jam packed day full of learning and insights from such a caring, understanding and inspiring person.”
Rick Buten, Den Bosch, The Netherlands

“The workshop was beautifully and clearly presented. Easy to follow and understand and so engaging. It was informative and insightful. I love Alyce’s energy and passion.”
Carolyn Corbett, Byford, Western Australia

“Alyce takes understanding your current life to a new level clarifying limitations, boundaries and values to light up a clear path to a new life on your terms.”
Elle Ariael, Scarborough, Western Australia

“This day was like having a tune up for your mind and body. I loved that Alyce was direct and sincere with her coaching. The workshop was full of tremendous advice and strategies. I have been to other workshops, I loved this one as it was a small group of great people and felt very comfortable.”
Jackie Ashbolt, Secret Harbour, Western Australia