Read this – to learn how to let go and move through resistance and create more flow.


You may have seen that yesterday, I was talking about resistance and I how I had massive resistance to moving to Las Vegas.

And in that same blog post I  promised that today I would share with you my top tips for moving through resistance into flow so you can live on your terms.

So lets jump on in…

1. Realise that pretty much everything you want is within your reach – it lies just outside your comfort zone. And that requires you to s-t-r-e-t-c-h the boundaries on what you feel is ‘comfortable’ in your life. Become besties with a bit of discomfort.

2. See the resistance for what it is. Sometimes we can get caught up in the emotion and can build something up to be a lot bigger and scarier than what it actually is. Your unconscious mind wants to protect you and sometimes the way it does is by looking at anything that is unfamiliar and automatically responding with a “Nope! Woah back up! Ah, not for me!” This is linked to that whole fight or flight response. That reaction to something different and outside your comfort zone can kick in with things that would be incredible, wonderful and steer your life in a new direction – it just kicks in because it is different and the main purpose of your unconscious mind is to keep you safe. See point 1 – and remember everything that you truly want, lies just outside your comfort zone.

3. Get really honest with yourself. You create the reality that you live in. Period. Ask yourself: What limiting thought, belief, or pattern of behaviour am I currently holding onto that is standing in the way of my desire? What story do I keep telling myself or others that affirms the current position I’m in? What do I want to create instead? Take 100 percent responsibility for being the powerful creator that you are.

4. Be aware of the resistance, it but realise you don’t have to ‘figure it out’. Once you are aware of the resistance you can simply hand it over to the universe/a higher power/your unconscious and begin to release it.

5. FOCUS on what you want to create instead.

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6. Just let it go. Let go of the resistance. There’s no need to hold on to that. Meditate, journal, find your calm, visual yourself letting go of resistance and worry. Do whatever feels right and just let it go.

7. Take one SMALL action toward what you want. Seriously this can be anything! Pick up the phone, send an email, tee up a meeting – it doesn’t have to be anything grandiose. It can be small. Then take another small action and another and then another. The remedy to resistance is action. Taking one small action after another will create massive momentum and flow.

8. Just freaking do it!

Did I miss anything? What are your top tips for letting go of resistance? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below.


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