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Are you looking for a speaker for your next event, corporate day, workshop or retreat? 

As a NLP Trainer, Mindset Coach and Speaker I would love to support your team, audience or participants at your next event.

I am a certified NLP Trainer, Life Coach and qualified in Ericksonian Hypnosis. I have a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication with a double major in Public Relations and Journalism as well as many years experience in the corporate and personal development industries.

Every event is unique, and calls for something different from me. Just like my coaching, my speaking engagements are tailor-made to my audience. When I’m there, I’m there to serve, and create change. I’ll be at the event from beginning to end, happy to answer any questions and give my time.

I speak on the following subjects: 

+ Creating your ideal relationship

+ Cultivating courage

+ Tapping into creativity

+ Living life on your terms

+ Setting goals that you actually achieve

+ Relationship communication

+ Creativity

+ Tapping into that voice inside of you that craves more

+ Discovering what is important to you in life

+ Letting go of overwhelm

+ Discovering your passion, purpose and zest

+ Uncovering your real work and what you were born to do

+ Creating a high performing team

+ The power of uncovering communication styles

+ Communication

+ Rapport

If you need an effervescent, dynamic and experienced speaker at your next event, retreat, team day or function to talk about any of the above, I am your girl. 


: Don’t just take my word for it : 

“Alyce creates a safe and pleasant atmosphere” 

Gerjanne van Hees, Utrecht, The Netherlands

“Thank you Alyce for your wonderful workshop. You made me realise that I am on my path of freedom and living my number one value”

Saskia van Ommen, Deventer, The Netherlands

“Soft and playful workshop which more than exceeded my expectations and gave me great new insights. Loved listening to Alyce and that she supported us every step of the way. Such an awesome and genuine trainer.”

Jennifer van Balkou, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

You can see that Alyce is passionate in helping people live life on their terms. Such a jam packed day full of learning and insights from such a caring, understanding and inspiring person.”

Rick Buten, Den Bosch, The Netherlands

The workshop was beautifully and clearly presented. Easy to follow and understand and so engaging. It was informative and insightful. I love Alyce’s energy and passion.”

Carolyn Corbett, Byford, Western Australia

“Alyce takes understanding your current life to a new level clarifying limitations, boundaries and values to light up a clear path to a new life on your terms.” 

Elle Ariael, Scarborough, Western Australia

“This day was like having a tune up for your mind and body. I loved that Alyce was direct and sincere with her coaching. The workshop was full of tremendous advice and strategies. I have been to other workshops, I loved this one as it was a small group of  great people and felt very comfortable.”

Jackie Ashbolt, Secret Harbour, Western Australia

“I loved that this workshop was so interactive. Alyce is dynamic, articulate and explain things well. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and learned a number of new things about myself as strategies to use moving forward.”

Phil McEvoy, Subiaco, Western Australia

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To find out more about how I can support you as a key note speaker, customise a training for your team or support you at your next event please email info@livelifeonyourterms.com.au or click HERE

Please be sure to include:

Name and website of your event/organization
Location and dates of your event
Desired presentation topic and format
Number of attendees
Your full contact info

I also host Life On Your Terms 1-Day Workshops. These one day events are full of learning, growth and connection. We will discover: your real work, what is important to you and how to get it; uncover the 7 step formula to living life on your terms; discover how to let go of overwhelm and call more ease and joy into your life; create a powerful mindset for achieving goals; and discover tools to align your head and heart.  To find out more and when the next workshop is email info@livelifeonyourterms.com.au or click HERE 

: Upcoming Events and Speaking Engagements :

June 11, 2016 : Health Healing Happiness, Las Vegas

July 27, 2016 : Women’s Network Australia, Perth