The one thing that wins out above everything else.

Katy Perry

In life and in business it can sometimes feel like you are fighting to stand out from the crowd. We can compare ourself and our success to others and sometimes feel less than. We can discount our hard work, our amazingness when we look outwards.

When we compare ourselves we loose ourselves. We can look at others and see there success and in some cases want to be the next version of them, the next version of the upcoming person in that field.

The other night when I wasn’t feeling the best I was flicking through the TV and I saw that the Katy Perry documentary was on. By the way, I think she’s totally amazing. Now put aside whether you like of her music or not and stick with me, for a second, I have a point.

In the movie it spoke about how in the beginning of Katy’s career people were trying to shape her. Record companies were trying to change her style and sound to be like Avril Lavigne, Jessica Simpson and other performers who were popular at the time.

In fact, Miss Perry went through several record companies because she was so incessant that she stay true to herself. She was steadfast in her opinion that she would not change for anyone. That she would do her. That she would stick to her style and not try to be like anyone else.

When others tried to mould her to be the next Avril, Jessica or Britney – she said ever so strongly “Why cant I just be the first Katy?”

And she totally was and is. There really is no one quite like her.

It’s like she lives in her own version of a bubble gum and candy filled fairy tale (have you seen her costumes and set design – its pretty original and unique, especially when she fist came onto the scene).

My point is… why cant you just be the first YOU?

You totally can.

Because there really is no one quite like you.

Quit trying to be like everybody else.

Quit trying to be like that other person who is uber successful in your field and just be you.

Quit trying to fit in when you were born to shine, be you and stand out.

As Judy Garland put it ever so eloquently: “It’s better to be a first rate version of yourself than a second rate version of someone else”

Whether you are a coach, a trainer, a party planner, a writer, a teacher, a designer, a cake maker, a wedding planner, a speaker or anything else in between – just be you. Always be YOU.

People will love you – bubble gum and candy coloured fairy tale world and all – or they wont, but you know what? You will always know you were you. And true to yourself. Who you are and what you stand for. Wouldn’t you rather be someones shot of whisky than everyones cup of tea?


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